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Sarah H. Claffey asks for a divorce from Matthew Claffey, an Irishman, who, she says, drove her out of the house and forced her to return to the home of her parents. During their time together, Sarah charges, Matthew abused her constantly, accusing her of adultery, yanking her off her horse, slapping her in the face, hitting and kicking her and "inflicting great pain." He is a "wicked and profane" man, filled with the "turpitude baseness and corruption common to the lowest and most vulgar of the Irish who come to this Country." He also committed adultery, having "carnal intercourse and illicit connection" with a prostitute. Matthew owns a twenty-year-old slave named Charlotte, and her two-year-old-child.

Result: Granted.

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Repository: Tallapoosa County Courthouse, Dadeville, Alabama