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In 1841, William H. Jemison purchased five slaves--a Negro man named David, a girl named Judy, a boy named Isaac, Jenny and Rachel--for nineteen hundred and fifty dollars from Claiborne Griffin, who signed a warranty guaranteeing their titles. A year or so later, Griffin died, leaving his property as a life estate to his wife Sarah, who also died leaving the estate to Archibald, James, and Daniel Griffin. When, in 1851, a group of claimants argued that the slaves were actually part of the legacy of a Georgia widow and should be turned over to them, Jemison sought the assistance of Claiborne Griffin's heirs to verify his warranty. They not only refused, but secretly transported their own slaves to Mississippi so that no claims could be made against them. Jemison institutes a suit to obtain "security & indemnity" on Claiborne's warranty on the titles of the slaves.

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