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In 1841, Elizabeth Woolfolk sold to Thomas Carpenter of Sumter County a slave for $1,001. The bill of sale "bound herself, her heirs, Executors, administrators and assigns forever to defend the right and title of said Negro slave" against the claims of "all persons whomsoever." In 1849, however, Alfred E. Going, as administrator of Thomas Woolfolk's estate, sued Carpenter for $1,772, the value of the slave. Carpenter claimed that he had lost his bill of sale, and when the Greene County Court ruled against him in 1850, he appealed to the Alabama Supreme Court. While this suit was pending, Carpenter learned that Elizabeth and her new husband, Arthur McCracken, were planning to leave Pickens County where they lived. Carpenter seeks a writ "restraining them under penalty from removing from said state."

Result: Granted; dismissed.

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Repository: Pickens County Courthouse, Carrollton, Alabama