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When David Tate died in 1829, his daughter, Josephine, inherited a portion of his sizeable estate. As Josephine was a minor at the time of her father's death, the property went to the possession of her mother and guardian, Margaret Tate. Margaret kept and managed the property with the assistance of her son, William T. Power, until Josephine's marriage to James B. Driesback. The property consisted of a plantation on the Alabama River, four hundred head of cattle, and twenty-two slaves. In subsequent years, the slaves were hired out "for large amounts," and the cattle "greatly increased in number & value." Following the death of her mother and of William T. Powell, Josephine and James Driesback sue Powell's heirs, his widow, and the administrator of his estate. They seek an account of the profits and interest on Josephine's property during the years that it was managed by Powell and her mother.

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