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In 1853, John McLaughlin bequeathed his four sons, Samuel, James, Charles, and George McLaughlin, "all of his property, both real and personal, consisting of a large amount of Lands, Negroes, plantation Stock &c." In 1854, "either from old age or from injuries received by reason of a fall," McLaughlin became "mentally incapable of transacting his own business and managing his own affairs." The next year, however, he conveyed several slaves in a deed of gift to his son Samuel. James died and Charles disposed of his interest in his father's estate. Following the father's death, George McLaughlin and John R. McLaughlin, the administrator of James's estate, ask the court to declare the father's deed of gift to Samuel null and void. The complainants pray that Samuel, who is the executor of John McLaughlin's will, be directed to distribute the property among the heirs and to account with them "for all the Negroes and other property and effects of said Estate and for the use profits and hires thereof."

Result: Granted.

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