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Emily F. Slater, who is suing James E. Slater for divorce, asks for an increase in her support payments. Two-hundred-and-fifty dollars a month would be a reasonable amount, she writes, and he can easily pay it as "he has made large sums of money by the purchase and sale of provisions and merchandise during the War, and is now extensively engaged in the same business." She has gained possession of six of her slaves (confiscated by the sheriff), but they can not be hired out at a profit. "The smaller children need the care of the woman Antoinetta," she explains, and the others are too young to hire out. "[T]aken as a whole," she concludes, noting that she will not post bond for their release, "instead of yielding a profit they would be a constant expense." Her other three slaves, still in her husband's possession, could be profitably hired out.

Result: Granted.

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