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The petitioners are the widow and nine of the fourteen children of the late Benjamin Dickinson of Clark County. They are suing the other five children of the deceased. They claim that, during his lifetime, Benjamin Dickinson gave each of his children, upon his or her marriage, some slaves as advancement on his or her future inheritance. The petitioners assert that they and their spouses are now ready and willing to settle the estate, but that their co-heirs refuse to do so. In 1848, when the court finally orders that commissioners proceed to the settlement and distribution of the property among the heirs, the estate contained approximately seventy slaves, adults and children, some of whom had been allocated to the widow as her dower share of the inheritance. This is in addition to the twenty slaves that had been given to the children at the time of their marriage in prior years.

Result: Granted.

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Repository: Clark County Historical Association Archives, Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas