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At her death in 1824 Mary Croom of Wayne County, North Carolina, left to her daughter Sarah Coor "one negro Girl by the name of Ginne & one Cow and Calf." It was her desire, she said in her will, that "the property so to be settled that my said Daughter shall have the benefit thereof clear from the controle and debts or engagements of her husband during her life and at her death the said property be settled on the children she may leave surviving her." Now, in 1851, James Vaughan, the administrator of the estate of Sarah Coor, who died in 1843, seeks to gain possession of Ginne from one William Parr, who, he contends in his amended petition, fraudulently purchased Sarah's life interest in the slave. Vaughan, representing the heirs of Sarah Coor, contends that the purchase was fraudulent because the bill of sale was executed by Sarah Coor and her brother, Council B. Croom, when both were minors and under duress. Vaughan states that since the purchase Ginne has given birth to eight living children: Jane, Wright, Jordan, Lucy, Tom, Jack, Caroline, and Minerva. They range in value, he claims, from three to eight hundred dollars, and their labor has been worth at least seven hundred dollars per year, including lawful interest. Vaughan says that Sarah Coor's estate is "entitled to the negro girl Slave Ginne and her said Issue from while in possession of the said defendant since the Death of the said testator [1824] together With the hire and proffits of the said negroes Slaves since the Death of the Said Sarah Coor [1843]."

Result: Denied.

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