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Ann Eliza Rives seeks title to a female slave named Betsy and to Betsy's two daughters. In 1832, Martha Rowlet, Ann Eliza's mother, purchased Betsy from Thomas Rives, Ann Eliza's husband, and immediately placed the slave in trust for the use and benefit of her daughter. In 1838, Thomas Rives, in violation of the trust, sold Betsy and her daughter Sarah, born since the creation of the trust, to one Sam C. Roane. In 1852, Thomas Rives died and so did Sam Roane. Betsy, Sarah, and a third child named Josephine are now in the possession of Roanes' widow, Julia Roane. Ann Eliza Rives contends that, while she was a married woman, she was not able to sue on her own behalf to regain possession of her slaves. She is now a single woman and is therefore entitled to do so. She petitions to nullify the sale so that she and her children may benefit from the possession of three valuable slaves.

Result: Granted; appealed.

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