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The petitioner, John M. Hubbard, states that Levis Dobbins, the widow of Napoleon B. Pillow and now the wife of Wilson D. Dobbins is indebted to him in the sum of $701.33. The debt was contracted in 1851 during Levisa's first marriage. Hubbard claims that, according to the terms of the marriage contract executed at the time of her marriage to Pillow, Levisa retained sole control of her property, including five slaves -- Dan, age about thirty-five, Alfred, age about fourteen, Lucinda, age about fourteen, Adeline, age eleven, and Monroe, age eight -- pledging them as security against the loan. Hubbard adds that the same contract was also executed at the time of her second marriage. Levisa must therefore be responsible for her debt. Hubbard asks that a commissioner be appointed to sell as much of Levisa's property as needed to cover the debt.

Result: Granted.

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