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Sally H. Sanders, the widow of William Sanders, asks the court to confirm her title to the slave man Jerry and to lift the levies held on him. Upon her husband's death Sally Sanders received, as part of her widow's dower, "a one half interest in said negro boy Jerry and fifty dollars interest in Jerry's wife." Her son James held the other half interest in Jerry, which he sold to Samuel G. Sanders, a minor. Sally Sanders advanced the money on behalf of the minor, but she claims that she has never been paid for it and therefore has full title to the slave. Now Samuel is deeply in debt and Jerry has been levied upon in order to satisfy the many judgments obtained against him. He is "in the jail of the county" and has been "advertised for sale to satisfy the execution aforesaid issued against the said Samuel Sanders." Sally Sanders claims that Jerry "is worth the sum of one thousand dollars and his hire per annum is worth one hundred & fifty dollars."

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