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Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, widow of Paisley Kirkpatrick, who died intestate, asks the court for new commissioners "to lay off and designate by proper metes and bounds the dower of your petitioner in the lands of said estate, and slaves of said estate in accordance with the said decree of this court made at the January term thereof A.D. 1853." She states that after her husband's death the court acknowledged her right to a dower out of her husband's holdings and appointed William Milliner, a son-in-law, as guardian over the minor children. Kirkpatrick claims that said commissioners assigned her "a child's part of the slaves of said estate instead of one third of said slaves," and "never assigned your petitioner the one third part of the land of said estate." In addition, she contends that the court failed to issue a final order directing that even this portion of the property be transferred into her ownership. Now one of the minor children claims that she is not entitled to any increase among the slaves in the dower, as part of the family's estate. Kirkpatrick disputes this claim, asserting that the dower is separate from that property left to the children.

Result: Granted.

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