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"The Petition of Negro Jim, the indented Servant Lad of a certain Alexander Steel," free black Jim begins his petition, "Humbly Sheweth" that he is "the son of a Free Negro woman named Hannah, late of New Castle County afsd. deced." He states that in 1770 his grandfather Hector, "a Free Negro," consented to his indenture to Steele for nearly sixteen years. Steele promised to furnish Jim "with all the necessaries of Life during the said Term to learn him to read and write & at the Expiration thereof, to give him two Suits of Apparel." Steele has hired out Jim several times. Jim and Thomas Moore, to whom Jim is currently hired, contend that Steele has failed "to perform his part of the Covenants in the afsd. Indentures, to wit to have him taught to read & write." Jim asks the court to summon Steele to answer his charges.

Result: Partially granted.

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Repository: Delaware State Archives, Dover, Delaware