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Thomas Willock, owner of a coffee estate in Cuba, owes a debt of $6,704.25 to James Jenkins Wright and Henry Shelton, who advanced said sum "to aid him [Willock] in the purchase, and stocking with negroes &c, a coffee estate." Learning that Thomas planned to transfer ownership of the estate, including his slaves, to his son William and William's wife Sarah, the petitioners immediately went to Cuba to stop the transfer until the debt is settled. It was agreed that William would sell thirty lots of land in Washington, D.C., on which Sarah would relinquish her dower rights. However, Thomas and Sarah have failed to execute the proper papers. Wright and Shelton ask the court to order the defendants to "execute the said agreement in good faith; ... that lien of your Orators on said Lots may be Established, that the said described Lots may be decreed to be sold, free and disencumbered, of the claim of Dower of the Defendant."

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