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Matthew and Mary Jarboe seek to settle a dispute regarding the distribution and management of the estate of the late Philip Evans, Mary Jarboe's father. The Jarboes complain that Mary and John Evans, Philip Evans's wife and son, and executors of his estate, have violated the terms of the will by not providing for the education and support of the minor children of Philip Evans. They further assert that the estate inventory "does not exhibit a true, full and fair schedule of all the testator's personal estate and effects." The petitioners also complain that the defendants have sold slaves in the estate and from the proceeds of such sales, purchased real estate in their own names. In addition, John and Mary Evans have mismanaged the farm and have profited by cutting and selling valuable timber from the land, thereby reducing the value of the property. The Jarboes request that the defendants "invest the said surplus monies ... according to the directions of the said will." They also ask the court to order an injunction to prevent the Evans from "committing any further waste or spoil on the said farm."

Result: Partially granted.

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