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Mary L. Maryman complains that shortly after her marriage, her husband, Horatio Maryman, "began a course of harsh and cruel treatment of and towards your Oratrix." She asserts that, in addition to verbally harassing her, her husband encouraged his "servants" to be "disobedient and insolent" towards her. He forced her to leave his house during her confinement for childbirth in the midst of cold weather. She charges that Horatio Maryman has filed for divorce and that the petition contains "false statements and misrepresentations." Stating that her husband has valuable property, Mary Maryman prays that the court will decree her alimony since she and her child now live with her father who is aging and has trouble supporting them. The last will and testament of Zachariah Hazel, Horatio Maryman's father-in-law from a previous marriage, suggests that Horatio Maryman inherited four slaves in trust for Maryman's four children, Hazel's grandchildren. The will stipulated, however, that said slaves were to be freed after certain periods of time.

Result: Granted.

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