Petition #20586008


Francis Ann Allen, daughter and heir of Laban Rawls, asks the court to issue a subpoena to James F. McGriff, executor of her father's estate. Contending that her share of the estate was not equal in value to the other shares, Francis Ann asks for a new division of the estate by the court. The petitioners aver that "in January last a division of the slaves [in] said Estate was made for the purpose of enabling your Oratrix to obtain possession of her share of sd slaves." They further acknowledge that "the said slaves were divided into five lots and valued" and that Francis Ann drew a lot containing 19-year-old Ned, 13-year-old Mary Ann, and 6-year-old Wash. The petitioners argue, however, that the slave Mary Ann was "entirely unsound and subject to a most dangerous disease - that of Fits or Convulsions." Francis Ann further states that she was given a smaller portion of the land in the estate and is therefore "entitled to a much large Sum" from the estate.

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