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William R. Bell asks the court for an injunction to stop all proceedings against him with regards to his purchase of two female slaves from slave traders in 1860 and for a final settlement to be made by the court for all claims. Bell purchased "two Negro women" for the sum of $2600 and paid the entire purchase price except $326, for which he signed a promissory note to be held in trust by Charles L. Powell, a partner in the slave trading concern. In 1861, Bell "commenced an action of Covenant against McCall & Hardee [the other two partners in said slave trading concern] for the unsoundness of one of said Negro slaves," not knowing at the time that Powell was a partner. During the 1861 suit McCall died, and Bell obtained a judgment for the sum of $1238.61 against Hardee, the surviving partner. Now Bell's property is being levied against from claims against the estate of McCall.

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