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John Billups presents that he paid Richard Goolsby $325 for a slave named Jim. Goolsby "did covenant to warrant the said man to be Sound & well free all disasters whatever." However, Jim had previously committed the crime of "breaking open the Brandy house of Charles Hardman & taking there out brandy." After the sale, he was "arraigned before the tribunal appointed by the laws of this state for the trial of Negroe Slaves for offenses of a capital nature," and he was sentenced to hang. Billups argues that, by committing the crime, "said negroe had forfeited his life to the State and destroyed the right & power of the said Richard to convey a good & valid right & title to the said negro." Billups claims $1,000 in damages.

Result: Partially granted; appealed; partially reversed.

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Repository: Oglethorpe County Courthouse, Lexington, Georgia