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William and Rebecca Baker petition to settle a dispute regarding the estate of Rebecca's late father, Nathaniel Howell (the elder). Upon his death, Nathanial Howell Sr. left several children and an estate consisting of land and slaves; his widow, Ann Howell, and one of his sons, Nathaniel Howell (the younger), took possession of the property immediately after Nathaniel Sr.'s death, and they have collected the profits from it since that time. The petitioners contend that, although the late Howell died intestate, Ann and Nathaniel Jr. have submitted a forged last will and testament in the Court of Ordinary. They argue that they are entitled to one-tenth of the estate. The petitioners ask that Ann Howell and Nathaniel Howell Jr. answer their allegations in detail, that the will be declared void, and that they be paid their rightful share of the estate.

Result: Granted.

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