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Hugh Morrison seeks to settle accounts with Robert Breckenridge, executor of the late John Martin's estate. In 1809 Morrison purchased a slave, Dorsey, from Martin for five hundred dollars; at the same time, Martin loaned Morrison two hundred dollars. Morrison executed a bond for the total: seven hundred dollars. Martin assured him that Dorsey was "sound and healthy," but Morrison discovered that "he had been so injured and Weakened by the cruel & Improper Treatment of the said Martin & by Exposure to Hardships ... that his Constitution was ... affected and impaired." Morrison attempted to cancel the sale, but Martin suggested Morrison should sell Dorsey "down the River," agreeing to refund the difference if Morrison sustained a loss. Morrison now asserts that Martin failed to credit him for the loss of two hundred dollars and for various payments made on the bond and complains that Breckenridge has instituted suit on the bond and obtained a judgment against him. Morrison asks for a settlement of the account and for a perpetual injunction of Breckenridge's judgment against him.

Result: Dismissed.

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