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Samuel Horner asserts that he and the defendants, Samuel Luckett and William B. Gill, entered into a partnership on 1 December 1814 "for the purpose of farming milling distilling &c." This partnership hired three slaves for a sum of $300 from William Merriwether "to be employed in the business of the firm." In January 1815 the partnership was dissolved, and Gill and Luckett "expressly released and discharged" Horner from any obligations of the partnership. Subsequently, Merriwether brought suit against the partnership and won, and Horner was forced to sell his slave Jarrott for $346.71 to pay the sheriff of Jefferson County. Horner asks that Gill and Luckett answer his allegations in detail and that they be compelled to reimburse him the money he has paid for the hire of the slaves.

Result: Granted.

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