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In 1818, James Renick sold Paschal Craddock two slaves, Lucas and Amy, for $1000. Craddock paid Renick $300 down, and issued notes in the amount of $300 and $400 for the balance. Renick assigned one note to William Shirly, who, when it was overdue, won a judgment for the debt, interest, and court costs. Now, however, Craddock has learned that Renick may not have had title to the slaves, as Renick's father-in-law, Francis Lattimore, bequeathed Lucas to Renick's wife Peggy until her daughter, Abby, reached the age of twenty-one; Lattimore bequeathed Amy to his grandchildren, William and Ann Renick. Craddock asks the court to compel Renick to pay him "whatever he may be injured by the title to sd. negroes being in others and that the same be inforced by a perpetual injunction of the sd. judgment, a cancelment of the bond now held by sd. Renick and a decree against him for a proper sum beside."

Result: Partially granted.

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