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John Roads purchased two slaves, Milly and her daughter Sylvia, from Simeon Buford in order to keep them nearby, since one of his own slaves "claimed this woman Milly as his wife." "Moved by these considerations and his feelings of humanity towards said slaves," Roads was willing to pay more than he thought a fair price: $550 plus one of his own slaves, Malinda, in exchange. At the time of the sale, Buford represented Milly and Sylvia to be "sound healthy property free from all defects or blemishes." After the purchase, however, Roads discovered that Milly was "unsound and unhealthy and lingering under various and divers complaints." Roads complains that Milly "has been sick and useless [and] has not been worth her food and support." Buford has now transferred Roads's note for $550 to William Waldon, who has "commenced suit thereon," and Roads requests that Waldon be restrained by the court from collecting on the note and that he be compensated compensation for his expenses in taking care of Milly during her illness.

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