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In January 1818, John Mann, "being in need of a servant to perform manual Labor about his house and upon his farm," discovered that Thomas Magee owned a slave named Mary, who had been hired by Dr. George Timberlake but subsequently returned to her owner. Mann, with Magee's permission, contracted with Timberlake to hire Mary for thirty dollars and fifty cents for the year. Mann asserts that Mary was "utterly destitute of common sense & understanding sufficient to be of any use," although Magee had "represented her to be a good, trusty & industrious house servant," and within the term of hire, Mary "absconded from your Orator's household." Further, Mann alleges that Timberlake, "fraudulently combining with sd. Magee to defraud your orator" transferred Mann's note to Magee, who executed a suit in court and obtained a judgment against Mann. Mann now asks the court to grant a perpetual injunction against the execution of the judgment.

Result: Dismissed.

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