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In 1819, Henry Ewin purchased a slave named Jim from Eli Oliver for $1000. Ewin explains that his "object ... in making sd. purchase was to procure an honest, submissive, obedient, faithful, industrious and able-bodied healthy slave, one that your Orator would not be troubled in the management of, for a slave of turbulent, bad temper and evil habits he would not have as a gift." In fact, Ewin found him to be of "bad character, a most turbulent, saucy, ungovernable fellow, all which was well known to the defendant at the time of the contract, but which he artfully and fraudulently concealed." Further, Ewin has learned that the slave has long been afflicted with rheumatism and occasionally the pains from this cause him to lose many days of labor. Oliver has not only refused to take the slave back and rescind the contract, but has commenced suit on Ewin's note. Ewin asks the court to stop proceedings on the note and to set aside the contract, cancel the note, and compel the defendant to repay the $650 Ewin had already paid for Jim, with interest, and to take back the slave.

Result: Granted.

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