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Mary Ann Grayson claims she is a free woman of color, born in Virginia to Neicy Grayson, "who at the birth of your orax was a free woman of Color." Mary Ann was brought by her mother to Louisville and indentured to a certain Baylor Banks until she reached age eighteen. She was subsequently sold several times until she came into the possession of David Ruth. Mary Ann asserts that her time expired one year ago. However, Ruth still "claims and insists on the service of your oratrix" even though "many can testify as to her perfect right to freedom." In addition, she fears he intends to sell her to slave traders who will take her to Louisiana or Red River. Mary Ann has a young child, William Henry, and she is afraid that he also will be taken away and deprived of his freedom. She asks the court to restrain Ruth from selling her and "that her freedom be forever established."

Result: Discontinued.

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