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William Summers purchased from Phillip Brink a slave named Henry for $400; he paid $40 in specie and executed a note for $360 due in three months. Brink executed a bill of sale in which he warranted the slave to be "sound in mind and body." Two days after Henry was delivered, Summers learned that the slave was "labouring under a species of dysentery." Summers wrote to Brink, and Brink sent a verbal reply that "he would do nothing in the business." Summers asserts that Brink knew that the slave was unsound in body at the time of the sale; for this reason, he will return the slave "so soon as humanity will permit." He requests that Brink be compelled to return the note and repay the $40, and in addition pay him a fair compensation for "nursing and supporting said slave and for medical attendance."

Result: Dismissed.

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