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William Hickman, "being anxious to obtain a negro woman about twenty four or five years of age of good qualities that would breed," especially one who had had male children, purchased a slave named Queen and her son Ned from Thomas Trundle. Shortly after the purchase he became persuaded that the child suffered from epileptic fits, which "will ultimately result in idiocy, or intire derangement of the mind." Queen is also unhealthy. But Trundle refuses to rescind the contract. As further evidence of Trundle's fraudulent intentions, Hickman claims that he intended that his note for the slaves would be payable in twelve months, but that Trundle made it payable in one day. Now Trundle has won a judgment on the note in the law side of the court, and Hickman asks this court for an injunction restraining Trundle from proceeding on the judgment and for a final decree rescinding the contract.

Result: Dismissed.

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