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Rachel believes that she, along with other slaves, was emancipated by John Rodgers and that the deed of manumission is recorded in Maryland. Rodgers and most of the manumitted slaves moved to Virginia, and then to Kentucky, where Rodgers died. Sometime after his death, one of Rachael's arms was seriously impaired, and she was persuaded by Tunis Applegate, whom she believed to be an Indian doctor, to go with him to his house in Jefferson County. Her arm was cured and she stayed with him for 2 or 3 years "when to her great astonishment he claimed her as a slave." Applegate tried to sell her, but the purchasers were deterred, suspecting the bill of sale he produced was forged. She has one child named George Washington, and she fears Applegate will send her and her child "down the River" to be sold. She asks the court to restrain him from removing and selling them until her suit for their freedom on the law side of the court is heard.

Result: Granted; dismissed.

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