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Charles Webster charges that he hired a "negro boy" in 1837 for $60 from Elijah Campland. Webster argues that the boy was sick and unable to be of any service, and he asserts that he returned said slave to Campland shortly thereafter. The petitioner charges that Campland took possession of said slave “with the understanding and agreement that if sd boy’s health should not be speedily restored so that he could be returned to your Orator’s service again, he sd Deft. was to surrender up to your Orator his afsd. note given for the hire of sd boy." Not long after Campland took possession of the boy, the slave died. Having refused to return the note to Webster, the petitioner now seeks an injunction against Campland's "attempt to coerce payment."

Result: Granted.

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Repository: Harrison County Courthouse, Cynthiana, Kentucky