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Sarah Ann and A. J. Manor were married in August 1856. Sarah confides that "almost ever since they have been married ... he has habitually behaved towards her in such cruel & inhuman manner as to indicate a settled aversion to her, and to destroy permanently her peace & happiness." The petitioner states that she owns "a negro man and a life estate in the tract of land on which deft & her have lived since their marriage." She attests "that by the labor of said slave & the cultivation of said land and the sale of timber" she was able to amass livestock, real and personal property, while her husband remained in debt. Sarah seeks a divorce and "prays that deft be restrained & injoined from selling or in any manner disposing of any property to which he has any claim." In an amended petition, Sarah Manor reports that the defendant is about to remove their two-year-old daughter to the state of Kansas. She seeks a restraining order to prevent the defendant from fleeing with the child and seeks custody of the child.

Result: Partially granted.

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