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Dempsey Snipes, John Pattie, Allen Key, and William Harris petition for the sale of "Five African Negroes" that they assert were illegally imported and therefore forfeited to the state and to themselves as informers. On the 18th of August 1817, the petitioners did "seize and take as forfeited ... five African negroes, to wit, two females, one of whom is from six to ten years of age ... & the other between ten and fifteen years of age" and "Three boys all between ten & twenty years of ages." According to the petitioners, "all of said negroes were brought & imported from a foreign Port or Place into the said Parish of St. Mary, contrary to & in direct violation of the laws of the United States and the State of Louisiana." The petitioners pray that the five Africans will be "forfeited to the use of the said State of Louisiana and to the Said Snipes, Pattie, Key and Harris as informers and as such that they may be sold and disposed of according to" law.

Result: Granted; appealed.

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