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Victorine Fortier prays for a separation of bed and board from her husband Nicolas Noel Destrehan. Victorine represents that, since she "contracted marriage with" Destrehan in May of the year 1814, she has always done "everything in her power" to preserve between her and her husband "that love, friendship, confidence and good harmony, without which there can be no happiness in matrimony." Despite all her efforts, however, Destrehan has continually treated her cruelly and outrageously. Furthermore, Destrehan has now taken to slandering her character by publicly accusing her of adultery and prostitution. Victorine Fortier Destrehan therefore prays for a separation of bed and board from her husband, an inventory and appraisement of all their "joint and separate" property, both "moveables and immoveables," that are in his possession. She also asks for $200 per month in alimony, which she avers "is by no means disproportionate to his means," considering that he owns a large sugar plantation and slaves that annually bring him upwards of $15,000.

Result: Granted.

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