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Benjamin Jewell presents to the court that John Nichols's slave, named Ben, shot and wounded his slave, named Linder, with a gun "loaded with powder & hundred bullets." Linder has subsequently died of his wound. According to Jewell, Linder was a slave of many "talents," not only in tending to the cultivation of his plantation but as an excellent carpenter. Jewell sets Linder’s value at $1,000, for which he believes that Nichols is liable. He contends that he has asked payment from Nichols, but to no avail. He claims that indications are that Nichols has sold his plantation and is about to "depart from" the state, leaving him without judicial recourse. He therefore seeks the court's help in recovering the value of his slave from Nichols.

Result: Rejected; appealed.

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Repository: Pointe Coupee Parish Courthouse, New Roads, Louisiana