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Marie Préjean seeks a separation of property from her husband, Cyrille Richard. Marie claims that she brought into their marriage "thirty head of horned cattle then worth about three hundred Dollars and also a debt due to her by her mother of about fifty six dollars," which Richard has appropriated for his own use. Since their marriage, Marie has received $1,000 from her late father's estate and "between five and six thousand cypress pieux ... and about three thousand oak rails" from her mother. The cypress posts ["pieux"] and oak rails are now held at Richard's plantation. Richard's affairs are now embarrassed and Marie fears that suits brought against him may threaten her property rights. The sheriff has already seized a slave named Samuel and now advertises to sell him. Marie prays for a separation of property from her husband. She also asks that he be required to repay to her $1,758 as well as to return the cypress posts and oak rails. Finally, she prays that the sheriff be enjoined from selling Samuel until her rights to him can be determined.

Result: Granted.

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Repository: St. Landry Parish Courthouse, Opelousas, Louisiana