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James Thompson represents that, on the 6th of April 1839, his “quatroon” slave, Mary Jane, boarded the ship Orleans and was carried away to New York City. According to Thompson, the captain of the ship, S. Sears, permitted Mary Jane "to eat at table with white people” and in other respects treated her “as an equal of white people." In addition, while in New York City, Sears allowed Mary Jane to associate with abolitionists. Thompson contends that Mary Jane used to be a "good faithful and trusty house servant;" she is now "entirely and totally unfit for such a trust or for any useful purpose." Furthermore, Mary Jane had with her $100 and several articles of clothing belonging to him when she boarded the ship. Thompson therefore seeks $1,000 in damages from S. Sears and the owners of the ship Orleans. In addition, claiming a privilege on the ship to secure his demand, he asks the court to sequester the ship.

Result: Partially granted.

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