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Zephirin Blanchard seeks compensation for a gunshot injury inflicted on his slave, named Charles, by one James F. Dixon, overseer of Col. Nolan Stewart’s plantation. Blanchard represents that, in April 1847, Charles was “peaceably and quietly passing” in front of Stewart’s plantation, when he was shot in the knee by Dixon. According to Blanchard, Charles had given Dixon “no Cause” for such action. He contends that Dixon, having asked Charles to produce a pass, got his rifle, mounted his horse, and pursued and shot him in the knee. The ball entered the knee and caused “irreparable damage.” The care of a physician and a nurse were required to tend to the wound. Charles still walks with difficulty and is no “advantage” to Blanchard. Blanchard therefore prays for an order condemning Dixon to compensate him in the amount of $800 for time lost and medical expenses.

Result: Denied; appealed; reversed.

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