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George J. Brown, a resident of Alabama, petitions the district court of Union Parish, Louisiana, for an order directing that a family meeting be held. Brown represents that he intermarried with Francis L. Bledsoe, the widow of the late Samuel J. Bledsoe, and, in so doing, became the stepfather to her two minor daughters. The daughters inherited considerable property from their father's estate, "consisting principally of slaves." Brown informs the court that he, his wife, and the children "are making arrangements & intend to remove in a few months to your said Parish & state, and that it is important and believed to be to the Interest of said minors that they and their property be removed also." However, "before said property can be removed to your said Parish it is necessary that Tutors be appointed by your Honorable Court to said minors." In consequence, Brown prays that the court order a meeting of the Bledsoe family "for the purpose of deliberating upon the matters set up" in the petition and approve the tutors chosen by the family.

Result: Granted.

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