Petition #20885940


Euphémie, a free woman of color, asks the court for an injunction on the sale of her and her children as slaves and for acknowledgment of their free status. She informs the court that Juliette Maran and Jordan, free people of color, have “concocted a plot to defraud” her and her children of their freedom and have listed them, except for her two oldest sons, Jules and Cornelius, for sale in the “Bee,” a New Orleans newspaper. Four weeks ago, her children, except for the youngest, an infant, were taken from her “by force and violence.” Four of the children were placed “in a negro trading yard under the Control and in possession of J.A. Beard & Co,” and Jules and Cornelius were taken by the “defendants and wrongdoers” who are “using them as slaves.” Euphémie asks for an injunction to stop the sale and for her and her children to be recognized as free. A related petition reveals that Charles Maran was a man of mixed race.

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