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Thomas Owings and Charles Ridgely, executors of the estate of Thomas Green, a free man of color, request the court's assistance in making payment and distribution of the residue of Green's estate. Green, who died on 24 December 1858, named by his will as residuary legatees his grandnephews, Archibald George Dodson and Charles Dodson. His executors are prevented from closing the estate because of the unclear whereabouts of Charles Dodson, a sailor who "engaged himself on board a vessel, some 17 years ago and went to sea from Demarara." The petitioners explain that they have contacted "the late and present United States Consuls at Demarara, in searching him out," yet their "efforts have been fruitless." They believe that Dodson has been dead for the last ten years. Owens and Ridgely attest that Charles's brother, Archibald, has already received the $3,027.37 due him in cash and $4614.25 in other property. They ask the court to grant an order of publication giving notice to the Dodson brothers and "warning them to appear in this Court by some day certain, to answer the premises." [The related documents contain a list of Thomas Green's tenants. The thirteen individuals are identified as being free persons of color so their names are not entered in the database. The devisees in Green's will were listed as free people of color.]

Result: Granted.

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