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Rebecca Crouch states that she has been a free woman since 1838 when her former owner James B. Rowley obtained emancipation papers for her and her two-year-old daughter Adeline from the mayor of Mobile. Crouch and her daughter Adeline then moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where they lived with Polly Strange, another free woman of color, from July 1838 to June 1840. In the summer of 1840, the petitioner undertook a visit to Vicksburg. Her return was delayed until mid-April 1841, when she and her infant son, Roderick Random, booked passage back to Cincinnati on the steamship "Lexington." It was while on board the ship that she and her son were detained by order of attachment against her former owner Rowley. Crouch prays for liberty from unlawful imprisonment, attachment, and creditors' claims.

Result: Dismissed.

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