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Sophia W. Hardeman asks that her husband, John Hardeman, replace the recently deceased Charles Smith as trustee of her life estate. The petitioner reports that she executed an indenture in 1829 before her marriage to the said Hardeman which secured "her property against the claims of the creditors of the said John Hardeman." She acknowledges that Smith carefully managed said trust property before his death in 1835; in fact, she notes fourteen "negroes are the legitimate increase of the said estate," which included fifteen slaves originally. Without a trustee to "carry out the purposes and appointments of said trusts," the petitioner prays that her husband, "in whom she has all confidence," be appointed trustee "to carry into effect and manage the interests of said Sophia W Hardeman in said deed mentioned in the place and stead of Charles Smith deceased."

Result: Granted.

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Repository: Noxubee County Courthouse, Macon, Mississippi