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Bluford Harrison joins his siblings and their spouses in seeking the return of "family negroes," who are currently in the possession of John Rice on his Mississippi plantation. The petitioners assert that Baker Dulaney gave his two nephews and two nieces "two little negro girls slaves for life," as "a mark of his favor & regard.” They purport that "said negroes are of peculiar value to your orators" and that they "feel an attachment for them which could not be compensated by pecuniary damages." The petitioners therefore pray that Rice be summoned to answer their allegations and that "he may be decreed upon the hearing of this cause to deliver up said negroes to Complainants & that he may be compelled to pay upon a proper account for that purpose ... the value of said negroes by way of hire so long as may have had the same in possession."

Result: Granted.

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Repository: Noxubee County Courthouse, Macon, Mississippi