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Celeste, a woman of color, asserts that she is the daughter "of a certain free Indian woman named Scypion," whom the late Joseph Tayon claimed as his slave; Celeste, however, "verily believes" that "according to the laws and usages of the Spanish Government in upper Louisiana, [now Missouri] and according to the laws of the United States," Scypion was a free woman. Celeste argues that her mother's status entitles her and her children and her grandchildren to freedom, yet Lefrenier Chauvin, administrator of the estate of Helen Chevallier, holds them in slavery, "deprived of their natural freedom, and are subjected entirely to his will and controul." Celeste prays that they may be permitted to sue "for the recovery of their freedom" and that "your Petitioners may be permitted to sue as poor persons."

Result: Petition granted; pleas of trespass filed, partially granted, appealed.

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