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Mary, "a free girl of color," states that she is the descendant of Scypion or Marie Scypion, a free Indian woman illegally who was kept in slavery by one Joseph Tayon, now deceased, and "that your petitioner is consequently a free person according to the laws of the land." She further avers that "she is in the custody and possession of the said Pierre Chouteau Senr ... who detains your petitioner under the pretence that she is a slave." Mary "therefore prays to be permitted to bring her action against" Pierre Chouteau and to sue "as a poor person, according to the Statute, to recover her freedom." Related documents reveal that Marie Scypion was taken prisoner during the French and Indian War and was the daughter of an "Indian" woman and a black man also named Scypion.

Result: Petition granted; plea of trespass filed.

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