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Judy, a woman of color, sues Berry Meachum, a free man of color, for her freedom. In 1823, Judy was the slave of Benjamin Duncan in Kentucky. Duncan hired her out to work for approximately one month in Indiana, then brought her back to Kentucky. Later, Duncan sent Judy to Missouri and sold her. Berry Meachum is Judy's current owner. Last summer, Meachum allowed Judy to hire herself out "on paying Said Meachum twelve dollars per month." Judy hired herself out to work in Galena, Illinois, for about one month "with the full knowledge and consent of Said Berry Meachum." Judy insists that she is entitled to her freedom, but she "is bound and imprisoned in his Meachum's house in St Louis where she is kept ... for the purpose of being Sold and removed to Some distant place." She "prays that she may be permitted to sue as a poor person to establish her freedom" and that counsel may be assigned to her.

Result: Petition granted; judy vs. berry meachum, plea of trespass filed, granted, appealed, affirmed; judy vs. berry meachum, plea of trespass filed.

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