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Mathew O'Driscoll, executor of the last will and testament of the late Daniel Munroe [Munro], asks the court to ascertain to which slaves his testator is entitled from his marriage with Lucretia Sharpless Youngblood Munroe. When Lucretia married her first husband, David Youngblood in 1783, she brought seventeen slaves to the marriage, most of whom she inherited from her grandmother, Mary Sleigh. Lucretia and David executed a marriage contract, giving David a life estate in the slaves and making his two older brothers, Isaac and Peter, residuary legatees; Lucretia, however, outlived all three Youngblood brothers, who were dead by 1794. Lucretia married Daniel Munroe in 1795 and died herself four years later. O'Driscoll, on behalf of her widower's estate, asks to have the slaves separated from the estate of Isaac Youngblood, where at least some of them remain unadministered. He also requests that the slaves be restored to Munroe's estate in right of his late wife and for an "equitable allowance" of their "rents profits work and labour."

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