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Green Rives, guardian of the minor Nancy Clark, seeks to collect sums owed to her from her late father's estate. Edmond Clark died intestate in 1803 possessed of "Negroes, Horses Household and kitchen furnature and other articles of utility." His widow, Elizabeth Clark, administered the estate until she married Daniel Darby, at which time he took over the administration. Elizabeth's letters of administration were revoked in 1807 and reassigned to Drury Bynum. Bynum has since been in control of the estate and has "been in the receipt of the proceeds of the said Estate and the hire of the said Negroes." The petitioner was appointed as Nancy's guardian in 1810. Though still a minor, "Nancy is now approaching the years of maturity," and Rives "has her placed at a Boarding school, for which he is obliged to incur a considerable expense." Rives has applied to the Darbys and Bynum to account to him for Nancy's share of the estate, but they have all refused; Darby because he claims to not have any of the property, and Bynum because he alleges that Darby "wasted the Estate and it is now necessary for him to keep the balance in his hands." Rives prays that the Darbys and Bynum be ordered to account for and deliver to him "the proportion to which the said Nancy" is entitled. [Petition is missing page/s.]

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