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George Parker, "a Judgment Creditor & late the Attorney in Fact, of John Holman," seeks to recover slaves seized by Anthony Chanet, the attorney of Samuel Holman. Parker informs the court that the Holman brothers, free men of color, served as executors of the will of their father, John Holman the elder, an English-born slave trader, until the younger John left for Africa in 1805; as heirs to the elder Holman, Samuel and John were entitled to a share of their father's estate. Noting that his client owed him money, the petitioner asserts that the said Samuel had "relinquished his right to his share of his Father's Estate to the said John Holman or pledged the same to him for payment of his Debt." Parker charges Chanet, who "set up a claim to the slaves allotted to the said Samuel Holman," caused an attachment to levy upon the said property, "with a view to defeat the just claims of your Orator." Arguing that "he had not only an equitable but a legal Lien on the same for payment of his Debt," the petitioner prays that "the said Slaves delivered up ... to the said Anthony Chanet ... may be restored, & their wages paid, to your Orator, to be applied in part payment of your Orator's Judgment."

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